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Following a family tradition for more than 30 years, Dr. Maja Mikalački and her brother Dr. Marko Mikalački founded the dental office Belladent Estetic in 2011, which today provides patients with a professional service for the complete protection of oral health through the use of the most modern technologies and dental materials.

Providing high-quality dental services is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation in the Mikalački family. After ten years of practice in state healthcare institutions, Dr. Zoran Mikalački opened his private dental office in 1990, through which he created interest and passed on his rich knowledge and experience to his children, Maja and Marko Mikalački.

Wishing to continue the family tradition, Maja and Marko, after completing the Dental School, continue their further professional training at the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade. After the death of Dr. Zoran Mikalački, Maja and Marko continued and successfully developed their professional path dedicated to dentistry by opening and working in the Belladent Estetic office.


Today, the Belladent Estetic practice is represented by a professional team dedicated to each patient and solving problems of their dental and oral cavity health. By using high-quality dental materials, modern therapeutic and diagnostic technology together with expert knowledge and continuous improvement, we ensure the highest quality for our patients. Top treatment, expertise, commitment, friendly and intimate approach provided by our practice guarantees a smile on your face.

About Us


Zirconium ceramics


The material of today.
Excellent performance that achieves the natural appearance of the teeth.

Digital orthodontics


By scanning teeth, analysis, 3D simulation
and a precise plan to a solution,
for your ideal smile.

Installation of implants


Lost a tooth?

We have a solution!
We will install a dental implant.

Teeth whitening


Office or home teeth whitening is
non-aggressive aesthetic treatment
which is performed in order to correct the color of the teeth.

Metalo-keramičke krune


Standard u stomatolgiji.
Osnova krune je metal, obložen slojem keramike u boji prirodnog zuba.

Composite fillings


Better known as white fillings.

They are used for the restoration of the front ones and lateral teeth.

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